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Frontier College thrives on the participation and generosity of people like you. We have a number of opportunities for how you can join us as we work to improve literacy levels in Canada.
  • 85%
    of students
    improved personal strengths including classroom behaviour, coping skills, and creativity after attending a Frontier College program
  • 86%
    of educators
    rate Frontier College programs as very good-to-excellent and say our programs have a positive impact on students
  • 85%
    of parents
    say their child reads more at home as a result of attending a Summer Literacy Camp
  • 79%
    of volunteers
    describe their experience as very good-to-excellent
  • 89%
    of adult learners
    improve their personal strengths in 3 or more areas, including coping, planning, and school preparedness.
  • 92%
    of learners
    in the pre-apprenticeship program successfully completed the program and passed their exams
  • 80%
    of educators
    say they notice positive differences in the behaviours, attitudes, and school performance of Summer Literacy Camp attendees
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