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Right to Read

Frontier College welcomes the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read report and the renewed attention it brings to literacy. In particular, we agree that literacy is about more than the right to read – it is about an equal right to a future.  

Literacy is a more significant issue in Ontario, and indeed the country, than many people realize, and it is critically important because it connects to so many other issues including employment, civic engagement, and health care. The Commission’s report is timely as the pandemic has exacerbated the existing inequities in educational outcomes experienced by vulnerable children.  

As communities across the province turn their attention to mitigating the impact of COVID-19, Frontier College’s programs play a vital part in supporting local recovery and ensuring that no one is left behind. Despite all the challenges during COVID, we believe that literacy is a right, and that every place can be a learning place. Our 120 years of experience in the transformational literacy movement has shown us that literacy changes everything.   

Posted: 3/2/2022 1:49:20 PM by Joanne Huffa

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In Toronto, the BTS program helps young adults attain their GED and prepare for higher education or employment.

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