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Volunteer Policies

Frontier College Volunteer Policies

  • Frontier College Volunteer Policies

    These policies outline what Frontier College volunteers can expect, and what they are responsible for, as part of a safe and equitable volunteer program. The policies cover all volunteers, not just volunteer tutors. Moreover, they are not intended as a guide to effective tutoring; all volunteer tutors will receive separate skills-based training and support from their supervisors. 

    Frontier College volunteers are required to be familiar with all of the policies in this manual and refer to them in future should the need arise. Volunteers will be tested on their knowledge and understanding of this material after training and before being placed in a program. Returning volunteers should refresh their knowledge at least every two years. 

    We are always interested in what you have to say about our programs or anything related to tutoring and learning. If you’d like to discuss something with us, or if you need more information about anything in this document, please contact your supervisor.
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