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Programs for Adults

Literacy is more than just the ability to read and write: It’s the ability to engage fully in activities and opportunities at home, at work, and in the community. At Frontier College, volunteer tutors work with adult learners who want to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, which can lead to improved self-esteem, further educational and employment opportunities, and better health. The philosophy of all Frontier College programs is that everyone can learn and that learning can be built on an individual’s experiences and knowledge. Participation is voluntary and people’s strengths and needs are considered before and during their participation in a program or meeting with a tutor. Our programs are free of charge for learners.

Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS)
Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) serves youth and adults working on goals related to pursuing secondary and post-secondary school goals, obtaining sustainable employment, and becoming more independent. Most LBS offer one-to-one tutoring or small class environments. Learners are taught crucial life skills along with academics to help support the pursuit of their goals.
Literacy and Basic Skills: Beat the Street
Beat the Street services include literacy and basic skills training and GED preparation for young adults.
Literacy and Basic Skills (L.B.S.) helps students improve reading, writing, math and digital technology skills so that they can find and keep employment or secure an apprenticeship by having the literacy foundation needed to complete secondary school or equivalent (GED). Other successful outcomes include moving into post-secondary school through college and university transition programs, or simply developing skills that contribute to their independence and a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem.
This program also includes pre-GED preparation, which helps participants prepare to write the GED exam. By obtaining a high school equivalency certificate, students are better equipped for further education, employment or apprenticeship opportunities.

Learn more about Beat the Street.
Literacy and Basic Skills: Independent Studies
Independent Studies (I.S.) is a Literacy and Basic Skills (L.B.S.) program for adults 18 and over who have developmental disabilities who are working toward greater self-confidence and independence, so that they can explore other educational, employment, or life opportunities.
Hammer Heads Academic Upgrading

Hammer Heads Academic Upgrading

Hammer Heads is a pre-apprenticeship program, coordinated by Central Ontario Building Trades (COBT). Frontier College is proud to partner with Hammer Heads to deliver academic upgrading support in the form of high school math, physics, English, and GED (General Education Development) high school equivalency.  Learning is student-centred and occurs in small group and one-to-one learner and tutor pairs.

Hammer Heads is a “hands-on bootcamp” skill and employment-based training program created to support at-risk youth aged 18 – 26 from under-resourced and Indigenous communities, exposing them to a variety of construction trades and ensuring they have the necessary social and professional skills to successfully obtain a rewarding full-time career in construction.